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    It’s been one hell of a ride and now all I can say is I look forward to sitting in a rocking chair on the porch for the rest of my life! Probably not haha. But I do have to say, I am really happy and excited about my decision to finish up my ski racing career. It just seems natural and I literally have no regrets. When I often tell people I’m quitting they seem bummed for me, but they shouldn’t. I have given everything I have to give and things have changed.

    1. I am simply over fundraising for myself. So many people were there for me and made all of it possible, but I just don’t want to ask anyone for money any more.
    2. This season was different. Some of the coaches that made this sport amazing for me have left the USST, like Dane Spencer and Mike Day, so without those guys on the road it was a lot harder to get good coaching and training.
    3. But more than anything else, I just don’t have the same excitement and love in the gate I once had.

    There are sooooo many people along the journey that have made this ride as amazing as it was and without many of you it would have ended a long time ago.

    But Seriously, thanks to everyone that was part of this ride. Thank you.

    Here is a fun little retirement edit I did. I hope you like it.

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    Three flat tires in 6 hours.  How is that possible?? At least we have a nice view for the sunrise. #fail

    Three flat tires in 6 hours. How is that possible?? At least we have a nice view for the sunrise. #fail

  3. After a tough race in Oberjoch Germany Europa Cup with my broken thumb I caught a ride to Stockholm with Oskar Bakke to deliver Jon Olsson’s Winter Camo RS6 Audi. That thing must have something wrong with it because it only goes 267 which turns out to be 166 miles an hour. I expected a lot more out of that whip.

    Maybe he’ll get it fixed and we’ll be able to really send it.

    All the best from a warm Stockholm. w

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  4. So I was taking a nap in #TheMotherShip today and heard a bit of commotion outside. I even felt the wrath of a couple rouge snow balls hitting the monstrously thick walls of my whip. When I finally went outside to see what was going on, I saw this!



    The Russian ski team told me with a smile and a laugh, “Now you won’t be so lonely in the parking lot.” Haha! Thanks guys! I’m on my European Global Warming FIS tour and luckily there is some new snow. The race here in Folgaria today was pretty sweet as they injected the hill and some good skiers showed up. Davide simoncelli, Florian Eisath, Alexander Ploner, and a few others showed up to race. Along with the American Development team that I trained with in Chile so it’s nice to have some friends around and Pearl, one of the C Team techs, at the start. It’s just great to be back racing two runs again. If you don’t get second run in world cup, it totally sucks and just isn’t a fun day. I finished 6th today and look forward to notching that up tomorrow.

    Don't worry that's a mustache.

    Don’t worry that’s a mustache.

    The Russians and one big snowman.

    The Russians and one big snowman.

  5. After not getting selected for Adelboden World Cup, insert explivtive of your choice, I trained with the U.S. speed team for a few days and then started a FIS tour. My first race was Mexican Nationals and Junior National Champs in one day. It is always a great time to catch up with the Mexican Prince also know as the oldest 2014 Winter Olympian Hubertus Von Hohenlohe. It’s pretty nice to have someone 55 years old on the start list haha.

    It was on an extremely flat hill as Hohenlohe was clearly looking for the best chances to be competitive and secure an Olympic berth in GS by scoring below 140 points in two races. There were only 30 races to make sure all of the smaller nations could have a good opportunity to get some points. Which also meant that if Hohenlohe finished last first run he would start first second run – well played sir. Unfortunately, the Prince caught an edge in some soft snow first run first race and didn’t compete in the second race, opting to save himself for the Olympic slalom in 6 weeks. He has already qualified in slalom with 136 points. I raced hard both races and was pumped to walk away with my first victory in years and some sweet hardware. I think the prizes, which are Hohenlohe art work, will look glorious in the #TheMotherShip.

    I’m in Patsch for a couple days and then off to more FIS races in Italy. It’s time to rock the FIS tour.

    Here are some shots from Mexican Nationals.

    Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 9.11.53 AM Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 9.47.16 AM Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 9.12.20 AM Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 9.12.39 AM Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 9.12.47 AM Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 9.12.57 AM
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    The Mother Ship

    I have dreamed about this for years and it is finally a reality! Damn it feels great to be dominating Europe in #TheMotherShip. She’s a sexy, geil 2004 Fiat Ducato converted into euphoria. Many of us have talked about creating a van for all of our needs for years. She takes care of the biggest annoyances on tour: finding an adequate tuning facility on the road. Growing up I have many memories of arguing with hotel personal or sneaking my skis and tuning supplies into a hotel to commandeer the dining room table or even tuning and waxing in between beds.

    Racing World Cup there are always adequate tuning rooms; but regardless, you waste hours of your life lugging skis, tuning supplies, and a bench in and out of what seems like every single hotel on the continent. Some days you set up a bench for only a few hours before it’s time to clean up and move on to the next home. It totally sucks – yes, this is a classic first world ski racer problem, I know. But, I hated it and now I’ll never have to do it again :-) ))).

    If you could see me now, I have a huge grin from ear to ear as I’m writing this post in euphoria.

    Enter #TheMotherShip.

    While I was having a photo shoot of this baby today in Maria Alm, Austria half way up the mountain because a depressing fog engulfed the valley, an Austria drove up to me speaking in German. Once he realized I only spoke English, he asked, “Where are you from?” I always go with, “Boston” as it’s much easier than an endless, painful conversation describing the location of New Hampshire. But he responded with, “Wait…. You’re from Boston traveling in an Austrian #TheMotherShip. That sounds like a long story.” I had to laugh and respond, “Indeed.” #TheMotherShip is registered in Tirol, Austria .

    Anyway, this ugly avocado colored creation came from wanting first and foremost: a mobile tuning room and secondly, a place to crash if need be. I didn’t plan on spending many nights in her, but I’ve spent the last 7 in this sexy whip and I have to say it’s been pretty awesome. I plug in for waxing and tuning while using mostly propane for heat. For tuning power is necessary as I use a vacuum connected to my Tri-One tuning machine to collect all of the small metal particles from entering the lovely airspace of #TheMotherShip.

    I want to give a huge thanks to all of the individual supporters that stepped up to help fund this baby. Those of you that helped know who you are! Thank you so much! And of course, special thanks to all of the sweet sponsors on the side that stepped in when the project went over budget. We’re still over budget, but not by as much. You guys are amazing, Thanks! Special thanks to:

    Booster Strap – The dynamic power strap that keeps constant, gentle pressure on your shins, which helps link together nasty turns from top to bottom of every run.
    Bern – The killer helmet brand that I’m overjoyed to be working with.
    Kool Stewl – The best damn custom lazer engraving shop in creation. They can make anything that can be engraved by their CNC machine from personalized stools to ski racing or any type of awards, among many many other things. They do the Warner Nickerson Golf Tourament Awards every year.
    T2 Foundation – Who support America’s elite skiers to help reach their dreams, and to fuel the grassroots growth of the sport through organized events and programs, which give back to the youth community.

    Anyway, there will be more updates to come of this beast, but here are some sweet pics. I don’t have many of me working on it because I was so fired up to be getting things done, I didn’t even think of taking a picture.

    And btw, the bed is amazing. I have a 3 inch memory foam mattress on top of 4 inches of foam. It’s like sleeping in heaven, probably.

    It just wouldn't be home without Slopeside Syrup!!

    It just wouldn’t be home without Slopeside Syrup!!

    The office and where I wrote this blog post.

    The office and where I wrote this blog post.

    How could you not want to sleep in this baby!

    How could you not want to sleep in this baby!

    Plenty of room to tune and for me to fully stand up.

    Plenty of room to tune and for me to fully stand up.

    Becko and Scotty helping me with the most recent renovation.  Danka!

    Becko and Scotty helping me with the most recent renovation. Danka!

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