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Welcome to the new Site!!!

Special thanks to Anne LaVin for all of her help making this site infinitely more epic than the old one.  We have been talking about it for a while, but I’m really psyched with how it came out.  Thank you Anne!!!  I will try to update this as often as I can with pictures and what not from the road (it will definitely be updated more often than my old site :-)).

And thanks to all of you that decided I was likable on facebook hahaha.  In just over a week we beat my buddy Leif Haugen on likeness!!  Which is awesome because we have an ongoing bet that involves a belly flop into the frigid waters Lake Wakatipu later this month in New Zealand.  You can make that belly flop really hurt by increasing the likeness here www.facebook.com/warnernickerson or on the right of the page.  Thanks to everyone that helped by posting it Liz, Brooks, Greg, Lolo, Jon, Leif (ahahaha), Ruth, Emanuel, Lauren, Shane, Mehmet, Mia, John, Babsi, Ben, Head skis, among others.

Bummer Leif.   w

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