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epicness on the 86er…

Bruan Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee: The 86er – the greatest motor yacht ever built – had a pretty epic performance on America’s Birthday!!  Here are some pics from start to killing it.

Reasons for the length increase:

That’s right, she is a 30 footer now haha!!

A Successful Sea Trial!

The Godomsky family did a great job testing the slide.   Thanks guys!   They even got some chest autographs after countless slide use.

America’s Birthday:

We even put up a fitness pole, but it didn’t get much action.  I guess people were getting workouts in other ways.

Click on this picture to zoom in!

There was only one mishap – that I know of – two people fell off the top of the slide on a tandem attempt and this was the aftermath the next day.  The dude was totally fine, but the girl looked like this haha.  The day after on facebook I asked her, “How are you doing?”  And she responded with, ” :-) Best 4th I’ve had in a while!”  Apparently there is a video of it out there – I hope to see it!!

Just so you all know, this is what the 86er looked like when I bought it three years ago right after the season ended.  She’s been a work in progress since day one, but with a lot of work and the help from some friends she’s looking like a gem today.  Every time I get on board I smile.

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