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    Dark Horse Movie

    This came out over a year ago, but it’s time to finally update my old and tired website.  Skiing has been such an amazing journey for this guy.  It’s been challenging.  It’s been humbling.   It’s been rad.  It’s been brutal.   And it’s definitely been awesome.   Thanks to everyone that was a part of it.  Danke.


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    Fucking Perfect. ⛷

    Fucking Perfect. ⛷

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    Thumbball 3000 Episode 3

    What an amazing, inspirational journey.  I can’t believe it actually worked out.  I was pretty sure it would, but never knew what it would turn into!    Thanks to all the people that made this all happen!! Grateful.  Thankful.



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  4. After a couple cocktails in Verbier, Switzerland at a Betsafe Gumball 3000 event, I made a bet with my ski buddy Jon Olsson that I could hitchhike from Gilford, NH to Miami, FL.   It turned out to be an amazing experience as a bunch of unbelievably nice and generous people made my journey a reality.  I had 8 days to get there and only 100 dollars in cash.  After winning the bet, I joined Team Betsafe in the Gumball 3000 Rally.  The entire experience was awesome.  I brought some cameras on the adventure and Betsafe has decided to turn it into a web series.  Here’s the trailer!


    It was pretty rad.  I love the “No Clue” text haha.

    The first episode should be released in late August.



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