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Back on snow

It was nice to get back on snow today. The skiing here at Coronet Peak is pretty epic right now. The snow is totally money so it was nice to get up there and take part rather than be a rat down in our apartment. I’ve been getting some quality acupuncture and deep massage in Queenstown and am fired up to get back in gates to test the new Dodge boots and some new Head skis while the going is good. I have to say there is nothing more epic than universal health care – man that seems to work nicely down here or at least the part I’m embracing from the New Zealand government. Cheers mate!

So the night before I flew down under, I decided to be exceptionally smart and charge my camera up, which was a really good idea until I had to leave my house at 4:15 AM. Needless to say, I left it plugged into the wall in Gilford, NH which does me absolutely no good down under, damn it. My brother is going to send it down. Thanks bro; but in the mean time, my teammate Mr. Olsson was nice enough to let me use one of his for the time being (he has two still point and shot cameras down here). Unfortunately since I was so fired up to be skiing, I ended up just taking some shots of him and Oskar Bakke (super photographer extraordinaire). Jon asked me for his camera back to put them up on his blog and I responded, “Not gunna happen. Sorry, but

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this camera is for my blog only. I really wish I could help, but I just can’t do it.” It was hard to hold a straight face, but I’m sticking to my guns on this one haha. So here are MY pictures from MY camera today, bummer for you Joner.


First run of the day!!!

A taste of the epic views from Coronet Peak.

Jon thinking that he’d be able to post this picture on his blog ahahahaha.

A shot of Whitney, winner of the cool lifty of the day award, and in her words “the Jon Olsson”.

Cheers from down unda. w

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