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Gumball 3000 Uncensored…

I went down to New York to get a little therapy on my back and see a few good friends before they started the Gumball 3000 (a 3000 mile car rally from NYC to L.A.) and found myself torn between doing the right thing for my back vs. doing something I might never have an opportunity to take part in again.  Oh yeah and my good buddy, Jon Olsson, bet me $1000 I couldn’t make it to L.A.   Immediately there were a couple problems:

1) I didn’t have my passport.

2) I didn’t have a costume.  All of Team Stormtroopers had sweet costumes.

3) I didn’t really know if I wanted to put my back through it.

My brother FedEx my passport to NYC, I made some phone calls, decided to take it one step at a time, picked up the perfect Chewbacca custom to complement Team Stormtroopers, and caught a ride to Toronto.  My body held up well and before I knew it, I was in Indianapolis, Kansas City, Vegas, and eventually L.A.  There is nothing like a road trip with a few good friends, a plethora of nasty, fast cars with radar and lazer jammers.

Rather than making this painfully long, I’m going to give some highlights and a lot of pictures.  Doing Gumball I got to hang out with an array of sweet and crazy people alike.  I also learned everyone loves Chewie.


1. Chewbacca costumes are really really hot this time of year, but totally worth wearing!!

2. A chick in L.A. after the rally, asked me for my card because she heard I was a costume designer haha

3. Beating Jon to Vegas by 6 hours!!

4. Meeting some really, random cool people

5. Fixing the Lambo’s spoiler.

6. Getting saved by the Rally Fighters

7.  Dealing with all the ridiculous problems that arise from pushing a car to it’s limits for 7 straight days haha

Every single hour was another fun, entertaining story.  I’m pumped I made the trip.

Thanks to all that took part and made it soo damn epic.


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