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How hard are your coaches working??

Coronet Peak, New Zealand

I have to give some props to the U.S. Tech Coaches today – they really stepped it up.   I was planning to ski GS with the US and German guys, but when I arrived at the mountain at 7:30 this morning the German coaches were walking back to their car after pulling the plug on GS training.  Last night was quite warm freezing only a very thin layer on the surface of the snow, which is really dangerous when you break through.

So the ski team coaches and service: Mike, Ben, Yoshi, Sasha, Dane, Forest, Bernt, and Alex started watering the hill.  They watered and then salted the entire course, which is obviously a huge effort.  It actually came out impressively good so the slalom guys has some epic training. Ted (Ligety) explained, “We raced 5 World Cup slaloms last year on watered and salted conditions so this is great training.”

Ben Black – known for making Aspen World Cup races ridiculously hard every year – was doing his magic!

This is what the ruts looked like after 3-5 skiers on the unwatered surface.

This is what the ruts looked like after around 40 skiers on the watered and salted surface.  Well played team.

When I left the organizers of the Jap FIS races here at Coronet were talking about moving the men’s slalom today to the recently watered slope because where they were planning on holding the race the snow was awful.
Cheers from Queenstown, w

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