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I’m living on a boat: Sweden Day 1


After a recommendation from a friend, I grabbed one of the last bunks in a six man room on the Chapman. It is definitely the coolest hostel I’ve ever been to. I love hostels because you are always bound to meet some random people that are entertaining to talk to. Most of them are traveling for a few weeks so they always have entertaining stories of their travels. So far we have two Germans, an Italian, and a resident of Naples, Florida in our stateroom. Here are some shots of Stockholm from the best damn Hostel ever.

View of the Swedish Royal Castle with my 5 other roommates!

Oh here’s one of my German roommate.

The food is excellent and at American prices, suck on that Sweden haha. If you’re in Stockholm you should swing

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So Jens flys into Stockholm tomorrow morning and then we are off to Bastad for the festivities. I’m going to try to keep up-to-date on my blogging this week!

Cheers, w

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