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Juice Fast Day 1 of 3:

After one full day, I feel great! Yesterday around lunch I felt light headed, tired, and drunk, but that was it haha. Today I woke up early and was super productive. So I’m pretty happy with my juicing so far. A few friends have questioned my reasons and these are the most entertaining:

Ahhhh that looks sooo good haha

Either way, this is my thought process of why I’m doing a 3-day juice fast.


Reasons why I was sucking:

Last week, I went wake surfing with Mike and Meredith Morin (Mike was the head tech coach for the USST for a bunch of years and is a Gilford native working at SMS with his wife Meredith) both of them were on a juice fast. Right when they told me about it, I knew I needed to do one. They sent me to the blog Join There Reboot and watched the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

Here is the “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” trailer:




You can watch the whole movie – like me – for free here.



Last night at dinner was painful when I was juicing while my brother and Lee were eating lobster. Either way, I’m doing this to the end – which really shouldn’t be too hard it’s only three days!!

This pic is perfect as it looks like I’m shaking my head so fast I can’t see or smell the Lobster wawawaaa.

But I’m pretty fired up about my little fast. It’s nothing like the guys in the movie, but I’m happy to be making a difference in my body.

Give it a try!!



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