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Mexican National Champs!!

After not getting selected for Adelboden World Cup, insert explivtive of your choice, I trained with the U.S. speed team for a few days and then started a FIS tour. My first race was Mexican Nationals and Junior National Champs in one day. It is always a great time to catch up with the Mexican Prince also know as the oldest 2014 Winter Olympian Hubertus Von Hohenlohe. It’s pretty nice to have someone 55 years old on the start list haha.

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It was on an extremely flat hill as Hohenlohe was clearly looking for the best chances to be competitive and secure an Olympic berth in GS by scoring below 140 points in two races. There were

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only 30 races to make sure all of the smaller nations could have a good opportunity to get some points. Which also meant that if Hohenlohe finished last first run he would start first second run – well played sir. Unfortunately, the Prince caught an edge in some soft snow first run first race and didn’t compete in the second race, opting to save himself for the Olympic slalom in 6 weeks. He has already qualified in slalom with 136 points. I raced hard both races and was pumped to walk away with my first victory in years and some sweet hardware. I think the prizes, which are Hohenlohe art work, will look glorious in the #TheMotherShip.

I’m in Patsch for a couple days and then off to more FIS races in Italy. It’s time to rock the FIS tour.

Here are some shots from Mexican Nationals.

Bern Yniq Dodge Skiboots Todi Douchebags Head T2 Winterfell The Booster Strap