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More FIS regulation talk

kjetil Aamodt (Norway) righteously slidding some GS turns on his way to win the 1993 World Championships in Morioka-Shizukuishi, Japan with 32 to 33 meter GS skis.

So FIS has decided to drop the minimum radius from 40 to 35 meters for the 2012-2013 season.  FIS explained in their most recent press release that increasing the radius is “scientifically proven to enhance athlete safety and reduce risk of injury.”  What it sounds like to me is they have quickly changed their arbitrary new rule because of a strong backlash from athletes, coaches, and fans of current GS skiing.  If this is indeed “scientifically proven,” where is the data?  Who tested the new skis?  Which companies made them? What was the surface?  Where did it take place?  What type of terrain was involved? What else did they test?  Where is the peer review?

And if it was scientifically proven, why did they quickly change their stance from 40 to 35 meters?  This seems like a bunch of arbitrary numbers that have absolutely no science to back them up.  Come on FIS, where is the explanation?

Ted Ligety put together a great piece last week and Jon Olsson just put one together.

Rossi has made some skis that are 195s with 31 meter radius and a few guys have been skiing on them down here.  Based on talking with Leif Haugen, Will Gregorak, Mike Janyk, and Ace Tarberry they seem to work on hard injected snow, but on non-injected snow there just isn’t enough sidecut to fully arc current GS turns.

Marc Giradelli spoke with a friend of mine in Portillo.  He’s not a fan of increasing the radius of skis either.   Marc mentioned, he had 17 ski-related surgeries life-to-date, the vast majority during his time competing, including FIVE surgeries on one knee and SIX on the other.  He also had things done to his shoulder and elbow back.  So much for safe skiing in the ‘80s. It just reiterates, where is the data?

Also Killian Albrecht, the FIS athlete representives mentions, “lots of athletes signed a petition against it with clear recommendations what we wanted. All the big guns. 41 of the top 50, on the mens side in the world ranking in GS and 9 of the top 10 signed it you can’t get a better vote.”

It’s time for FIS to open up their doors and explain their scientific argument to the ski population.

Cheers from down under, w

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