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Santa Monica, CA – Movember known for “Changing the Face of Men’s Health” and putting nasty – or really ridiculously awesome – mustaches on men around the world for the month of November is an impressive cause.  Originating in Australia, these guys have raised $174 million since 2003.

They nearly have exponential growth functions demonstrated in these graphs – insane.

What is Movember really about?
Not only is it about having an epic mustache, it is a month long fundraiser that is designed to raise funds for the awareness of men’s health issues by supporting prostate cancer programs and other cancers affected by men worldwide.  It’s about people feeling good and obviously looking good for a cause.

United States Movember Headquarters:

The U.S. Headquarters – in Santa Monica, California – is about as low key as you can get.  It doesn’t even look like an office from outside.  The way the wood paneling on the 7 foot fence is set up you can barely tell there is a door.  The only thing that gives it away is a 3 inch by 1/2 an inch Movember sticker on a door bell/intercom looking system that is partially pealed off.  This is a pic of the same sticker:

Once inside the 12 member staff was small and all about efficiency which is exactly what I expect from any well run non-profit.  Here are few shots from inside.  In my opinion, any extra overhead costs are taking dollars away from the cause so it was great to see such a sweet group of men and women working with no more space than they need.

Here is a look at part of the office.  I wish I took a picture of the other side where people were working in tighter quarters.

JJ Owen with the best skateboard ever!

Why the axe?  Because it’s sweet!!  I’m pretty bummed I got sick of my beard and mustache two days earlier.

The Mustache station with part of the crew!

Pretty psyched about the sweet Mo goodie bag they gave us.  My favorite part is the iphone case and the Mo shoes. Sick.

I have to give a shout out to Mike Janyk and the Canadian Men’s Ski Team for showing me how Movember works three years ago.  Here is a shot of their team looking dapper as ever after 21 days!  The way it works is you shaver your entire face on November 1st and just let the magic commence.

All I know is that I’m already fired up for next Movember!!!

Thanks to Adam, JJ, and Ellie for making it such a sweet day in L.A.

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