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NZ Wrap Up and Best Pictures Ever

Queenstown, New Zealand This is always my favorite camp of the year as New Zealand is such a phenomenal destination. I’m in Auckland at the Koru Lounge and about to fly home.  Pretty pumped.  The last day in New Zealand I foreran the NZ Nationals GS and finally felt like a ski racer again.  With the new ski change (we have to race on 35 meter radius skis rather than 27) it has been a really challenging camp with some painful moments.  But on the final day forerunning I was able to link a few turns together, which got me really fired up for the season.  This camp I had 2 goals:

Special thanks to Jimbo. God I love that truck!! Thanks for letting me borrow it :-)!! I told you Oskar took a nasty picture of her.

1) Don’t do anything stupid – like push my back too much and go backwards.

2) Be ready to forerun NZ Nationals

I reached both of them!! Boom.  As many of you know, I do not believe in performance goals.  Daily goals are good and these were my two thoughts coming into this camp.  I need to keep working on dialing my skis in, but right now I have increased my ramp angle so that I’m negative 2mm, meaning my toe is two millimeters higher in the toe than the heal on the bindings.   With these skis, it’s all about making everything else really aggressive to make up for the fact that we can no longer rely on sidecut to bring us around.  So I’ve made my boots and lifts more aggressive.  It also means you have to ski super technically sounds and it’s a lot of work, but that being said, it is do able.

I hired Oskar Bakke, Jon’s photographer, for a day with a huge salary of mostly cookies and he took some epic shots.

We hit up Snow Park to see Elias, PK, Jossi, and Russ send it. These guys are crazy!!


Snow Park – what a cool small set up.

Send it.


We had a killer, gentle game of golf with the one and only Elias Ambuehl.


Hahaha Nothing like an impromptu workout!

Special thanks to the US Team for some great training (they were super helpful on this camp), Nils and Toby at Coronet Peak, the German physio, Christa USST physio, the Swedish Ski Team for some training, Jon for letting me use his photographer, and of course Oskar for making me look way cool than average!!   Also the Cafe Family (epic lodging with my favorite chair), Ben Griffin, Jimbo, and I’m sure a few I left out.  Working with the Physio/Physical Therapists are going to be a big part of making this season work.  I’m fired up and psyched to make some moves in the right direction.  I will be in the US for a week to see some more therapists in NYC, Perfect Postures in Boston, and then off to central Europe to get back on snow.  I asked the U.S. Ski Team if I could join them in Chile, but got the no go on that program so it’ll be TNT sending it in Europe soon.

I gotta hustle to catch my flight.  Later!!

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