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Pulled the plug…


Vail, Colorado – As most of you have already figured out, my season is over. It’s painful to think that the next time I’ll race will be on 35 meter skis. However after talking to Ted (Ligety) and a few others, the Head and Fischer 35 meter prototypes are faster than the old 27 meter radius skis that are being used in World Cup GS right now. I have no idea how that works, but I have to say that’s the quintessential characteristic of ski racing: it often defies logic. And that’s why I love this sport. There is no function that decides what equipment will work or who will be the next rockstar. Watch us all be bitching about FIS changing the regulation back to 27 meters in two years for another random reason. However, I have to say this rule cannot be good for younger, less muscularly developed skiers and it cannot be good in softer snow because it will be harder for the skis to come around. Maybe that will all change too haha.

I was hoping to be ready to race here in Vail at the MacDermid Nor-Am event the last few days, but my body just isn’t ready. I have been seeing a chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist in Edwards three times a week, hammering therapy a few hours a day, and doing some skiing here and there, but backs take longer to get better than I was hoping. My left leg is still far weaker than my right due to the nerve damage so the only reasonable conclusion is to pull the plug on this season.

I am freezing my points, which will increase my GS points by 10 percent. Next year they’ll be 6.66 so I’ll start around 40 rather than

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35 in World Cup. It will also freeze my World Cup points before Beaver Creek so I’ll have a World Cup start for at least most of next season. It’s actually pretty hilarious and fortuitous that I can freeze my points. I would have started over 5 GS races – the limit to be able to freeze point under the new FIS rules – this summer/fall if I hadn’t hurt my back in New Zealand. And I have to thank Mike Day for forgetting to have Pete Korfiatis represent me in a race in New Zealand this past summer. haha it’s funny how things work out.

I haven’t done any training yet since my left leg is too weak and vulnerable when I get into awkard situations, but my new plan for returning to racing will be at the Director’s Cup in Whistler, British Columbia. It’s a race for a bunch of washed up skiing legends. I’m feeling like the first half of the description. I know that Paul McDonald and Scott Macartney are coming so that should be pretty damn fun. It’s all prep for the Jon Olsson Invitational in April. And from there I hope that my body will be ready for New Zealand.

“Sometimes it’s just your turn, suck it up.” – Robert Pastrana With that in mind, I’ve been making the best of my season in Vail. Thanks to Foster, Ian, Mike, Tom Palic, Sarah, Eugenia, Bob, and a few others for making my stay so worthwhile. I’m coming home on Friday so see ya soon NH!!




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