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Rolling to Bastad!!

This is a bit of backdated blogging…

Stockholm, Sweden: After spending a glorious night in Stockholm on the Chapman (the yacht/hostel), Jens Byggmark (superdooper Swedish Slalom skier and great guy) and Michaela (Jens lady friend) picked me up for the journey down to Bastad.  Here are some pics of our epic little journey and maybe some questions for Swedish people…

Is that really a hunting stand on the road?  Seriously??  kinda funny, kinda not haha.

From left to right: Mattis Hargin’s Maserati GTS, Martin Björk’s Range Rover, and Jens Byggmark’s Camaro SS – an epic crew.


Good times on the road to Bastad. Jens tusan takk for the ride brah!



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