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Stockholm Night Shots

There are far too many opportunities in life we just let slip away.    This is why I love traveling on the one half hour at a time program because you never know what’s going to happen.  This type of traveling is a unique opportunity to be freed from the mundane and open your experiences to something different, interesting, and cool.  Tonight I chilled out on the boat, talked some U.S vs Swedish politics (gotta love how patriotic the world is, me included), watched the movie Amazing Spider Man (which was pretty average), and was able to get some cool night shots of Stockholm with my Canon S95.



A little history of the AF Chapman I dug up in a book at Reception:

This sexy vixen is a 245-foot steel ship with a beam of 37 feet that draws 22 feet built in 1888 as one of the last steel sailing freight ships.   Around that time, shipping rates were falling as steamer powered ships were beginning to dominate the shipping industry.  However, the Dunboyne (her original name) was used as a freight ship for an English company until 1915 when it was sold to Transatlantic, a Swedish  shipping line based out of Goteborg, that changed her name to G.D. Kennedy.  Transatlantic bought her mainly for training future officers.  In 1924, the Swedish government bought the ship and renamed her AF Chapman and used it as a training ship.  In 1937 she came to Stockholm and became a Navy barracks for the Stockholm Naval Station.  It wasn’t until 1947 that the Swedish Touring Club decided to buy the AF Chapman and turn it into a Hostel.    In this ships hayday, she traveled at an average speed of just over 6 knots (however, they didn’t explain in what breeze).  I have to gather it must have been some serious wind to push this beast.  Either way, it’s a pleasure to be aboard.

I’m finally tired so good night to all.  We’re off to Bastad in the morning…

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