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Team Betsafe at Pepe’s Bodege Beach Trophy

Bastad, Sweden: There are a few times in life when you get a chance to do something spontaneous and really fun.  That was exactly what my trip to Sweden was like.  There were three main reasons for the trip:

I will do a post on the next two when the video from drifting is up.  The Pepe’s Bodega Beach Trophy is a fun tournament with a bunch of active super fun Swedish celebrities that only play volleyball a few times a year.  It can’t be all that fun to watch, but it is certainly fun to be a part of.  Unfortunately, it was yet again a bit of a disappointment for Team Betsafe as we have never won.   However, both years I’ve played our team’s only win came from beating the eventual champions.   

We actually had a super fun group of athletes on our team.  Stian Pedersen (Snowmobile Big Air Athlete), Christian Olofsson, Marcus Gustavsson (Freerunner and Park Athlete), myself, and Jon Olsson, respectively.

However, there were a few good players.

The Dudeson’s finding some fans.

Jens Byggmark looking good.

I was pretty excited after our first victory (good thing we got this picture since that was our only win).  The Darth Vader glove was definitely helpful haha.

Probably player of the match… or

Photo Credits for all of these are from Sturplan.  Here is a bunch more great pictures from a killer event.



It’s nice to be home.  I’m off to Boston to see Perfect Postures, but my body is feeling really good!

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